A Commitment to Best Practices in Early Learning and Child Care by the
Early Childhood Education Community in Peel

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2016 Adaptation of Raising the Bar in Peel

Raising the Bar is a quality initiative designed to enhance quality care in child care and early years programs.  The presence of a Raising the Bar certificate and window cling is a sign that the program is committed to maintaining provincial regulatory standards as well as local community standards.

In cooperation with Affiliated Services for Children and Youth (ASCY), copyright owners of RTB, Peel's Adaptation for Raising the Bar emerged and is based on:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Reflective Educators
  • Mentorship
  • Leadership
  • Collaborative Inquiry

This will engage programs and educators in ongoing reflection and critical thinking to enhance quaility in their environments through positive releationships.  It provides a platform to increase a program's capacity to enrich their practices.  This further takes into account the needs of the diverse child care and early years programs in Peel, including multi-site operators. 


Raising the Bar is endorsed and financially supported by the Region of Peel and Child Development Resource Connection Peel.


2015-2016 Lifelong Learning Recognition Recipients

These individuals have been recognized by CDRCP for participating in over 24 hours of professional education and learning. 

 2016 Adaptation of Raising the Bar in Peel is based on:


Lifelong Learning

Educators demonstrate a commitment to continued professional learning to enhance their practice.

Cooks have Food Handlers' Certificate training.

All educators attend professional education opportunities to enhance their understanding of early childhood education and care.

Lifelong Learning Champion recognition is provided to educators who have completed 24 hours or more of professional education and learning within the profile year.


Reflective Educators

Educators engage in the observation to promote the well-being of children.

By implementing a validated *environmental assessment tool, educators gain insight into best practices and reflect on opportunities for enhancement.

All children, families and educators have a sense of belonging.



Opportunities are available for educators and students to co-learn and be mentored for professional growth.

Program demonstrates ongoing partnership and engagement at relevant community of practice networks.



There is a clear and on-going communication that fosters engagement of Management and Board of Directors.

Membership to a professional organization provides the opportunity to obtain information and resources which can be used in daily practices.


Collaborative Inquiry

Program participates in collaborative inquiry to gather and reflect on feedback from families to promote engagement and a sense of belonging.

Program participates in collaborative inquiry to gather and reflect on feedback from educators to promote engagement and a sense of belonging.

Educators are engaged in collaborative inquiry for knowledge sharing.


Profile Dialogue

Participating programs will engage in a conversation based on the Reflection Profile. This process replaced the traditional peer review. It involves meeting one on one with a Quality Initiatives Mentor and a community partner involved in RTBP. This provides the opportunity for mentorship and a celebration of successes.