About SB6

Success by 6 Peel (SB6) serves as the Community Planning Table for early years and child care services in Peel. SB6 is a region-wide collaborative dedicated to local early years system planning to better integrate and strengthen services for young children and their families across Peel.

SB6 is funded by the Ministry of Education and supported by the Region of Peel to:

v  Work collaboratively with the Region of Peel’s Human Services Department in its role as Service System Manager for Early Years and Child Care and with the Region’s Health Department in its Public Health role, along with the wider community to develop and implement local early child development plans including early years and child care plans and other plans that may be identified;

v  Provide meaningful support to the Region of Peel’s early years community planning processes to promote early learning and development;

v  Inform early years service system planning and achieve integrated service planning in the early years sector;

v  Use evidence to inform practice, recommendations, and decisions related to the local early years systems plans;

v  Facilitate collaborative program planning, foster partnerships, and enhance public awareness related to early years programs and initiatives;

v  Identify evolving community needs, service gaps, and service duplication;

v  Ensure the active engagement of Indigenous and Francophone partners in the planning, management and delivery of responsive programs and services;

v  Enhance service accessibility for all children and families, particularly rural communities, newcomers, and low-income families;

v  Solicit advice and support local decision-making to enrich programs, facilitate smooth transitions, and enhance integration between early years services, schools and specialized community services;

v  Regularly collect insights from parents, caregivers and children to inform local programs and services by engaging the Peel CAN network and participating in working groups for networking, consultation and advice; and,

v  Act as an ambassador for the collective strategic priorities of SB6 within member organizations, networks, sectors, and communities including communicating and gathering feedback.


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