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Autism Organizations:
A list of organizations and agencies that offer information and services for individuals and families of individuals diagnosed with Autism

Financial Assistance:
Listing the available financial grants/assistance

Special Needs Events Calendar:
A monthly calendar listing events,workshops,conferences and support group meetings relating to Special Needs for the Peel Area

Special Needs Directory:
An on-line database listing information on agencies, services and programs relating to Special Needs for the Peel area

Peel Children's Centre


Peel Children's Centre supports the work of other community agencies that deliver primary services to children who have been diagnosed with ASD by providing additional specialized services. Referrals are accepted from these agencies. These services can include assessment(s) by our psychologists and/or psychiatrists. Parents may contact Peel Children's Centre directly for service if a child has been diagnosed with ASD and is presenting with additional mental health issues or behaviours that are not directly related to this diagnosis. Brief family counselling may also be provided where other family stressors are impacting the parent's ability to implement prescribed strategies.

To visit their website go to 


Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder. While autism was once considered to be a rare disorder, currently is estimated that 1 in 200 Canadian children are affected by autism, an increase of 600% in the past 10 years. Autism is now recognized as the most common developmental disorder in children.

In 1943 Dr. Leo Kanner described several children who displayed similar symptoms, that he called "autistic". There are several theories, but no conclusive answers about the cause, or causes, of autism. The one thing we are sure of is that poor parenting does NOT cause autism. Medical research regarding causation is currently focused on genetics, neurological differences, immunology and early identification.

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects communication, social interaction skills and behaviour. 

A diagnosis of autism requires impairments in all of the following areas of development:

  1. Social Interaction: People with autism often do not relate well to other people (particularly peers), have difficulty learning to play with others, can not effectively use non-verbal behaviours such as eye-to-eye gaze and facial expressions while interacting and have difficulty sharing information and experiences with others.
  2. Communication: The impairment includes both spoken language and non-verbal skills (gestures, body postures, imaginative play). People with autism who speak may have difficulty with speech production and/or conversational skills.
  3. Restricted Repertoire of Behaviours, Activities and Interests: This includes some of the unusual behaviours that are often associated with autism such as: stereotyped body movements (hand flapping, toe walking, rocking, etc.), insistence upon following non-functional routines or rituals, preoccupations with parts of objects (wheels, handles, etc.), and an abnormally intense or focused preoccupation with a very limited range of interests.

A number of other features are associated with the disorder and may or may not be present. These may include difficulties in eating, sleeping and toileting, unusual fears, lack of awareness of danger, repetitive behaviours and speech, self-injury. Unusual responses to sensory input such as extreme reactions to loud noises or touch are commonly seen. Individuals with autism may have any or all of these associated features in various combinations.

There is no known cure for autism but structured early intervention combined with appropriate education programs can provide children with autism with the skills necessary for successful integration. Support and information for families, professionals and caregivers is also essential. With appropriate programs and support, individuals with autism can become active and contributing members of their communities.

If you would like further information about autism contact The Geneva Centre for Autism


Autism is an emotional disturbance. Autism is a neurological disorder.
There is a cure for, or people grow out of autism. People do not "grow out" of autism. With early intervention and good educational programs the manifestation of symptoms may improve greatly.
Poor parenting causes autism. Parents do NOT cause autism.
Everyone with autism behaves in the same way. People with autism are individuals with strengths and weaknesses unique to them.
Children with autism just need more love and a good spanking. Autism is not caused by a lack of love and is not cured by punishment. Parents need support to manage difficult behaviours with structure and consistency.
People with autism have to be in special programs for "the autistic". Individually designed programs best meet the needs of a person with autism. They should be learning, living and working in settings where there is ample opportunity to communicate and interact with others who have the skills they lack.

Individuals in the Health Care Field

Developmental Pediatrician

This is a child's physician who practice includes primarily children with developmental difficulties of one kind and another. This physician can make a diagnosis, and order further testing, as needed. In addition, the Developmental Pediatrician is able to assist with other medical programs that may occur in your child's life as time goes on. A referral from a family Physician is needed to get an appointment with a Developmental Pediatrician.


This Physician is trained in mental disorders and their treatment. The Psychiatrist is another person who is qualified to diagnose Autism/PDD. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications for problems in this area.

Psychologists and Psychological Associates 

Psychologists and Psychological Associates are registered as independent practitioners with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. A Psychologist generally has a doctoral degree and a Psychological Associate has a Master's degree. They are trained to provide assessments, therapy and diagnosis for a variety of intellectual, emotional and behavioural issues. Psychologists and Psychological Associates may be involved with your child to assess his or her current developmental level, provide a diagnosis, and provide feedback and consultation related to behavioural, parenting, family or emotional issues.


Individuals with a Bachelor or Master's degree, who typically works under the supervision of a Psychologist, are involved in assessment (testing) of individuals. They may provide counselling or therapy, depending on their training.


For Parents and Professionals

  1. Autism Organizations & Sites
  2. Social Services, Consultation and Training
  3. Education
  4. Recreation
  5. Hospitals & Universities
  6. Financial Assistance
  7. Legal/Advocacy
  8. Medications
  9. Publishers
  10. Suppliers
  11. Other

Autism Organizations & Sites


Autism Canada Foundation
Autism Canada Foundation was inspired by a group of parents with a common objective; To advance knowledge of effective treatment options for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and provide resources for all available effective medical, behavioural, spiritual and nutritional treatments and therapies, without bias.
Aspergers Society of Ontario
Mission of the Aspergers Society of Ontario is to provide education, resources and support to individuals diagnosed with (or considering a diagnosis of) Asperger Syndrome (AS), their families, educators, medical and mental health professionals, employers or prospective employers, government and the community at large, to enable AS individuals to realize their gifts and engage as fully contributing members of the community.

Autism Spectrum Connection
Autism Spectrum Connection Resources are a collection of articles containing information and links on everything from health and wellness, local programs and services, therapy options, activity guides and relevant research.

Canadian Physiotherapy Associations
This site has a section call Public Resources. Facts on; How Physiotherapy helps; Find a Physiotherapist

Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology

Kids Can Centre
Kids Can is a centre that provides social opportunities for children with autism. The centre was developed to serve the growing need for communication and language based programs in small group settings. Our curriculum focuses on building functional, verbal and non-verbal communication skills through a variety of interactive activities.

Occupational Therapists
This site covers area on "how to find an O.T." Occupational therapists are health care professionals who assist individuals who have difficulties participating in a desired activity. To an occupational therapist, "occupation" implies all activities engaged in by an individual, to successfully accomplish his/her lifestyle, including self care activities, productivity (paid and unpaid work, school) and leisure.

Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network
OAARSN offers a collection of up-to-date information and communication tools, with opportunities for mutual support and encouragements among adults with autism, family member, caregivers, friends, support workers, teachers, administrators and policymakers.

Ontario Psychological Association
Psychological Association is a voluntary organization committeed to the advancement of the practice and science of psychology through public and profession advocacy and education.

Ontario Rett Syndrome Association
The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association (O.R.S.A.) is a volunteer, not-for-profit charity for parents, caregivers, researchers, medical professionals and other interested support agencies and individuals. O.R.S.A. became incorporated in 1991. Its Board of Directors is comprised of parents and caring citizens. O.R.S.A. provides information through a website, a newsletter and conferences. Support is provided to families regionally.


Mental Health and Aspergers This web page is presented by Lakeview Health Systems, addressing mental health and aspergers


Refinance & Mortgage Guide for People with Disabilities
If you are currently a home owner who has recently been disabled, you may have new physical, mental and financial restrictions and needs which affect or even threaten your ongoing ability to maintain your home. This guide seeks not only to provide the reader with the most relevant and essential resources needed to navigate the myriad of red tape and sometimes rigid processes regularly associated with real estate purchases.

Speech Therapist Canadian Association of Speech - Language Patholodists and Audiologists
Clear definition of "What is a Speech - language pathologist?"; "What is an audiologist?"; Consumer Corner and a Chat with S.L.P.s and A.U.D.s.

Social Services, Consultation and Training

Autism Research Institute - Defeat Autism Now! Physician Referral List
Information about alternative treatment approaches for autism; list of physicians includes two in the Halton/Peel area.

Autism Society Ontario - Halton Chapter
Describes SEAC training workshop and various activities including swimming and gym.

Autism Society Ontario-Peel Chapter

Autism Society Ontario - Peel Chapter
ASO Peel provides resources on our website in order to inform website visitors about issues and information related to Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Autism Society Ontario - Metro Toronto Chapter
Autism Society Ontrio is a province-wide, registered charitable organization committed to creating acceptance and opportunities for all people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The Metro Toronto Chapter represents and serves families and individuals in the Metro Toronto area.

Community Networks of Specialized Care
Provincial Network of Specialized Care Videoconferencing Education Sessions

Developmental Services Toronto
Website for the more than 30 Toronto agencies that are working together to provide responsive, high quality services and supports to adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Geneva Centre for Autism
Behavioural and Communication intervention, social skills, training groups, support groups and extensive parent education and support. 2. Provides of Training Events, Certificate Courses, Consultation Services, Summer Training Institute and International Symposium on Autism.
Halton Region Social and Family Services - PDD / Autism
Region of Halton Family and Communication Services; provide services children with a developmental disability or Pervasive Developmental Disorder/Autism from 2 to 21 years of age who live in the Region of Halton. No fees. Services include brief consultation, full consultation and environmental assessment.
Halton Region Social and Family Services - Special Needs
Describes programs for special needs children and young adults: Parent - Infant program, Integration Services, Behavioural Services
Kids Pathway Peel
Helps families with children and youth who have special needs with planning and coordination of services. Families, service coordinators and other service providers work together to develop and implement a service plan for each child and their family.
Kerry's Place
Drew's Place Community Services provides support and consultation to children and adults with autism and their families in the regions of Halton, Dufferin and Peel. Parent teacher training, case management and program planning for both behavioural and communication. The program is known as Kerry's Place Peel/Halton.

Kinark Child & Family Services - Intensive Intervention Program for Children
Provides details about the program and waiting lists. Describes the programs and staff of Central East Pre-school Autism Services which includes: Durham Behaviour Management Services and Tri-county Behavioural Services, York Behaviour Management Services and the Geneva Centre for Autism.

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario - Resource Directory
Listing of services for persons with learning disabilities in central Ontario
Lifetrust Planning
Estate planning and workshops for people with disabilities and the disabled; services available across Canada. Workshop topics include: Tax considerations for people with disabilities; Will planning and special needs trusts; Government benefits; Enhancing individual's rights; Sexuality and the disabled etc.

Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Children and Youth Services - Central West Region
Contact information for regional office located in Mississauga.
New Online Curriculum Development Resource for ABA/IBI/DTT/NET
New internet service offers curriculum dveleopment database /resource for individuals with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities
New Haven Learning Centre
New Haven is a private, non-profit treatment and education centre for children with autism and their families.
Regional Support Associates
Specialists in Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Nursing and Developmental Services. provide services to adults with a developmental disability. Services are offered to the individual, their families and agencies in their community. No fees for services provided within catchment area. Training and education services accessible outside catchment area. Associated with Woodstock General Hospital
Research Initiative For Intensive intervention for Autism
New program that will provide free intervention to children between the ages of 2 and 4 with a diagnosis of Autism.
Provide courses on medication/pharmacology, non-violent crisis intervention, CPR, nutrition, sexuality, back care, behaviour management, family involvement, reducing risk, environmental management, seizure disorders, annual life planning and more.
SNOW Project - Professional Development Resources
Have moderated and unmoderated on-line workshops. Moderated workshops include: Learn to Braille; Learning to Learn: Thinking and Learning Skills; Introductory Workshop in Acquired Brain Injury; Organizing the Disorganized Learner and the Educational Assistants Series: Acquired Brain Injury, Autism, Learning Disability and Seizure Disorder. Based at the University of Toronto.
Safeguards - Children's Services Training
Workshop topics include: Managing risk of violent behaviour, building resiliency in children and youth, childhood anxiety, understanding and treating self-injury, anger control training, social skills training, assessment and intervention through game therapy and more.
United Way of Peel Region - Agencies Assisting People with Special Needs
Lists agencies which provide services to people with special needs, some of which specify developmental disabilities.

Schools - Special Education

Autism and Behavioural Science Ontario Graduate Certificate Program
Certificate Program on Autism and Behavioural Science offered at Seneca College

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
Lists schools, departments and trustees. No information about special education.

Halton District School Board
Provides list of schools, news items, and information about classes, school calendar, school councils, administration, transportation and jobs. Also has FAQs. No information about special education.

Halton Catholic District School Board - Special Education Department
Web site includes a wealth of information on the school board, with a section on the special education department. To locate information on Special Education Advisory Committee S.E.A.C. look under administration.

Health Care Disciplines and Education
Information Resources...for patients, their families, friend and health care Workers.

Ministry of Education
Detailed information about the IPRC (Identification, Placement, and Review Committee), IEP (Individual Education Plan), Resolving Identification or Placement Issues, Procedures for Parents/Guardians, and Policy Directions; Provides downloadable Ministry documents: (IEP) Resource Guide, Resource Manual for Intensive Support Amount (ISA) and Planning for Independence

Navigating The Special Education System In Ontario (2nd Edition)
This new publication of original material, in binder format, is a must for every parent whose child with ASD is embarking on, or is in, the school system in Ontario.

Peel District School Board - Special Education Services
Web site has a wealth of information about services, with a section devoted to special education services. This section provides a parent's guide to IPRC and a list of members on the SEAC committee

Peel District School Board - North Peel Secondary School
Describes what's offered by this special needs vocational school.


Brampton Parks and Recreation
Special Needs Social and Sports Programs. Special needs programs are designed to provide participants with the opportunity to make new friends, develop skills and have fun.

Ontario Special Olympics
Description of programs and events across the province. No information specific to Halton/Peel. Contact information provided for each of the regional coordinators.

Town of Caledon - Recreation Department
Specifies groups to whom services are provided, including persons with special needs.

Hospitals & Universities

Credit Valley Hospital
Description of programs and services; health information; publications; and career opportunities.

Credit Valley Hospital - Mental Health Services
Description of in-patient psychiatry unit

Hamilton Health Sciences Centre - Chedoke Child and Family Centre
Includes detailed description of services

Infant & Child Development Services Peel
Brief description of program; contact information. Joseph Brant Memorial
Overview of hospital departments and health and wellness information on a wide range of topics.

William Osler Health Centre
Description of hospital services and employment opportunities.

Trillium Health Centre
Listing of services and job opportunities.

The Hospital For Sick Children
No information provided re: services for special needs/developmental disability

McMaster University - Dr. Szatmari's Autism/PDD Research Team
Collaboration of the Centre for the Studty of Children at Risk, Hamilton Health Sciences Corp and Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster. Includes FAQs, newsletters, requests for volunteers for research studies, etc.

University of Guelph - Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network
Weekly feature on "autism in the news"

Funding Sources

Canada Pension Plan
Outlines CPP benefits for disabled children aged 18 - 25.

Ministry of Citizenship
Lists supports currently available for Ontarians with disabilities. Includes detailed information on the Ontario Disability Support Program, Ontario Tax Credits/Exemptions, Elementary/Secondary School Programs and Services, Supports for People with Developmental Disabilities, Home Care, Attendant Services/Outreach, Acquired Brain Injury Services and Children's Treatment Centres.

Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Children's and Youth Services - Developmental Services
Description of programs including Special Services at Home, Ontario Disability Support Program and Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities; Publications; Downloadable forms - Individual Support Agreement

Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Children's and Youth Services
Lists FAQ's (Frequently asked questions and answers) about Special Services at Home And Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities.

Ministry of Health & Long Term Care - Assistive Devices & Home Oxygen
Detailed information about services and funding available through these two programs.

Jennifer Ashleigh
The Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity assists children who are seriously ill, have a permanent disability, are 21 years of age or under and whose permanent residence is in Ontario.

President's Choice Children's Charity
The President's Choice® Children's Charity (PCCC) is dedicated to helping children who are physically or developmentally challenged. Their aim is to remove some of the obstacles that make everyday living difficult and to provide young people with a renewed sense of dignity, independence and freedom. The President's Choice® Children's Charity (PCCC) is dedicated to helping children who are physically or developmentally challenged. Their aim is to remove some of the obstacles that make everyday living difficult and to provide young people with a renewed sense of dignity, independence and freedom.

Legal Information/Advocacy

ARCH - Advocacy Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities
A legal resource center for persons with disabilities.

Autism Awareness Centre
Education is the key.

Canadian National Autism Foundation
Promoting National Autism Awareness

Community Legal Education Ontario
Community legal clinic that produces clear language material for people with low incomes.

Justice for Children and Youth
Has a feature allowing you to ask a lawyer questions of a general nature on-line, and receive legal information (not advice) within 2 business days. Provides alphabetical list of legal terms with plain language definitions. Various low-cost publications

Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Children's Services - Office of Child & Family Service Advocacy
Description of advocacy services available to children and families who are receiving or seeking services through the Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Children's Services; any students in a residential or demonstration school (Ministry of Education and Training); any youth in young offender programs and facilities (including the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services). Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
On-line publications: various topics on mental health reform, including detailed information about "Brian's Law" (law dealing with Community Treatment Orders or CTOs).

Psychiatric Patients Advocacy Office
Detailed description of the role of patient advocates and rights advisers in Ontario. On-line guides to patients rights under the Mental Health Act and the Consent to Treatment Act.

SNPG The "Special Needs" Planning Group
A team approach to planning using Planners, Lawyers and Accountants, all of whom specialize in planning for people with disabilities.

Safeguards for Vunerable Adults-What are the Safety Checks?
The purpose of this paper is to create awareness and discussion about the issues relating to safety mechanisms for vulnerable adults in Ontario.


Diagnosis & Medications

American Psychiatric Association
Does not provide access to any diagnostic information; fact sheets include:

  • Children, mental illness and medicines
  • Psychiatric Diagnosis and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fourth Edition), DSM-IV *(PDF)

Internet Mental Health
Medical doctor's site providing detailed information on disorders, diagnostic criteria (using medical language), and medications (also on-line diagnostic service).

Provides advanced search mechanism for 5,000 medications which allows misspelling of drug name; lists frequently asked questions for each drug, explained in lay terms; also has a medical encylopedia. Includes listing of alternative medicines.

Needy Meds
Information on programs offered by pharmaceutical companies to those who cannot afford to pay for the drugs they need.


Canadian book/video publishers include four publishing houses and one non-profit policy and research organization. Many American publishers have also been bookmarked.

Autism Today
Autism Today is on the web since 1998, with complete resources for autism and related developmental problems.

Diverse City Press Inc.
Information and Support for the Special Needs Community PARENTS . FAMILIES . PHYSICIANS . PROFESSIONALS

EP Exceptional Parent
Produces and distributes inspiring and informational books, audio CD's and video tapes, dealing with persons with developmental disabilities, and a range of social issues. On-line ordering; will have payment using VISA soon.

Exceptional Resources Inc.
Outstanding Books, Videos, CDs and audiotapes for autism and Asperger's Syndrome. On-line ordering. Canadian links.

Inclusion Press Inc.
Books, videos and workshops on the topic of inclusion. On-line ordering. Links by category; short description for many.

Louise Kool
Options include printing classroom activities and worksheets, request planning guides and curriculum matches, view products, and place orders on-line. (Only one resource, a book called "The Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom", appears to deal with developmental disabilities).


Suppliers of Products

There are a great number of individual companies with products for the disabled on the web. None are specific to children or adults with a specific type of disability. The selected sites provide information on products from a wide range of companies.

DisAbility Resources & Disability Related Products and Services
Extensive categories list of disability related products and services.


ABACUS (Help For Parents)
ABACUS is a free service for Ontario parents seeking ABA services.

In-depth information about complex medical conditions.

Fetal Alcohol Support Network
Information on the relationship between Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and developmental delay.


1230 Central Parkway West,
Mississauga, ON  L5C 0A5

Tel: 905-855-2690 Fax: 905-855 9373


ErinoakKids is an outpatient treatment centre for young people with special needs who live in the Central West Region of Ontario. It provides a range of clinical and family support services to young people with physical, developmental and communication challenges.

  • ErinoakKids is lead administrative agency working collaboratively with Trillium Health Partners, KidsAbility, Kerry’s Place Autism Services and Woodview Children’s Centre to provide Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) to children with autism.
  • Admission to ErinoakKids multidisciplinary services, which provides comprehensive programming to children with physical disabilities, is by physician’s referral.
  • ErinoakKids is also lead agency and service provider for the Halton –Peel Preschool Speech and Language Program, Central West Infant Hearing Program and Blind Low Vision Program.
A.B.A. Applied Behaviour Analysis
A.C.L. Association for Community Living
A.C.S.D. Assistance For Children With Severe Disabilities
A.P.S.W. Adult Protective Services Worker
A.S. Aspergers Syndrome
A.S.D. Autism Spectrum Disorder
C.S.W. Children's Services Worker
E.R.W. Educational Resource Worker
I.B.I. Intensive Behaviour Intervention
I.E.P. Individual Education Plan
I.P.R.C. Identification Placement & Review Committee
I.S.A. Individual Support Agreement (with MCSS)
I.S.A. Intensive Support Amount (with Ministry of Education)
I.T.P. Individual Teaching Plan
M.C.S.S. Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Children's Services
O.D.S.P. Ontario Disability Support Plan
O.D.S.P.-E.S. Ontario Disability Support Plan - Employment Support
O.T. Occupational Therapist
P.D.D. Pervasive Developmental Disorder
P.D.D. - N.O.S. Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified
P.E.C.S. Picture Exchange Communication System
R.S.M.C. Residential Services Management Committee
S.H.I.P. Supportive Housing In Peel
S.L.P. Speech and Language Pathologist
S.S.A.H. Special Services At Home

On behalf of the A.S.D. Peel Group, we would like to welcome you to Peel's Autism Web Site.

We want to get information to you as easily as possible. Staff and families want to know what specific programmes are being offered and where. This type of information changes often so it is not possible to keep up with it in print. However, our web site features ongoing updates, with links to the appropriate service providers.

We hope that you will find it helpful. If you have any questions or information to add, please call the organization that is overseeing the web site, Child Development Resource Connection Peel, at 905-507-9360. We would like to sincerely thank the Ministry of Community and Social Services and Ministry of Children's Services which supported the start up of this site. Better communication will lead to better services, a goal we can all support!

A.S.D. Peel Group (subcommittee of the Peel Planning Group)


*News Bulletin:  

The Autism Parent Resource Kit: A comprehensive resource for families to better understand autism and the range of services and supports available in Ontario.

Bienvenue au site Web sur l’autisme et les troubles du spectre autistique (TSA) de la région de Peel

Au nom du groupe de Peel sur les TSA, nous aimerions vous souhaiter la bienvenue au site Web de Peel sur l’autisme.

Nous voulons vous fournir des renseignements le plus facilement possible. Les employés et les familles veulent connaître les programmes spécifiques qui sont offerts et où ils sont offerts. Ce type de renseignements change souvent; il est donc impossible de rester à jour en les publiant. Toutefois, notre site Web présente des mises à jour continues ainsi que des liens vers les fournisseurs de services appropriés.

Nous espérons que vous trouverez ce site utile. Si vous avez des questions à poser ou des renseignements à ajouter, veuillez appeler l’organisme responsable de ce site Web, la Child Development Resource Connection Peel, au 905 507-9360. Nous aimerions remercier sincèrement le ministère des Services sociaux et communautaires et le ministère des Services à l’enfance et à la jeunesse, qui ont appuyé la création de ce site. Une meilleure communication mènera à de meilleurs services, un objectif que nous pouvons tous appuyer!

Groupe de Peel sur les TSA (un sous-comité du Peel Planning Group)


*Bulletin Nouvelles:

 Une trousse de ressources de l'Autisme à l'intention des parents