Autism is an emotional disturbance. Autism is a neurological disorder.
There is a cure for, or people grow out of autism. People do not "grow out" of autism. With early intervention and good educational programs the manifestation of symptoms may improve greatly.
Poor parenting causes autism. Parents do NOT cause autism.
Everyone with autism behaves in the same way. People with autism are individuals with strengths and weaknesses unique to them.
Children with autism just need more love and a good spanking. Autism is not caused by a lack of love and is not cured by punishment. Parents need support to manage difficult behaviours with structure and consistency.
People with autism have to be in special programs for "the autistic". Individually designed programs best meet the needs of a person with autism. They should be learning, living and working in settings where there is ample opportunity to communicate and interact with others who have the skills they lack.